Repair Our Roads

LIUNA has launched a major multimedia campaign to press Congress to put the trust back in the Highway Trust Fund by passing a full investment Highway Bill that will fix our roads and bridges and protect hundreds of thousands of jobs. The campaign will include hard-hitting billboards, radio ads, props and a website which makes it easy to contact Congress. The duct-tape approach taken by Congress has resulted in deteriorating roads and bridges and threatens to destabilize the construction industry. Without action the trust fund will cease to disperse money to states all-together on Oct. 1. “Another short-term patch – simply duct-taping the roads and bridges we all rely on must be off the table,” LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan told a news conference this week. “Our commitment to press Congress includes activating members and investing in a hard-hitting creative media campaign. We are trying to inform the American public, to wake them up and to motivate them.” Read coverage of LIUNA in USA Today