The Laborers Union was Formed

Date in History : April 03, 1903

With dangerous working conditions, poor wages and little respect on the job pervasive in the construction industry, The International Hod Carriers and Laborers Union of America is formed by 25 delegates from 17 cities meeting in Washington, D.C. to obtain a charter from the AFL. The first Constitution is published in three languages: English, German and Italian and Herman Lilien of Chicago is elected President.

The Charter Application claims:

  • Wrecking of buildings
  • Excavation of buildings
  • Digging of trenches, piers, foundations, holes, lagging and sheeting of excavations
  • Concrete installation of floors, foundations or any other (by hand or any other process), signaling, handling of concrete buckets
  • Tending Masons & Plasterers — mixing, handling all materials, building scaffolding, building of proofing centers, drying of masonry and plaster
  • Tending Carpenters
  • Clearing debris from buildings
  • Shoring, underpinning and renovating of old buildings
  • Handling of dimension stones