Champion of LIUNA Families

Hillary Clinton will defend the livelihoods of LIUNA members. No other candidate will
do more than she will to protect our jobs, wages, pensions, and healthcare. Hillary knows
that when unions are strong, America is strong. She will stand with LIUNA in our fight for
economic security and expanded opportunities for LIUNA members and their families.
Committed to America’s Infrastructure

Hillary is committed to rebuilding our country’s aging infrastructure. She understands
the importance of a 21st century transportation infrastructure, not only as a job creator for
LIUNA members, but as a matter of U.S. competitiveness. She will fight for good jobs building America’s energy infrastructure in all facets of the energy sector.
Most Effective, Most Experienced

Hillary Clinton will keep this nation safe. She is the most experienced and capable leader in
the entire field of presidential candidates. She is tough, tenacious, strong, and effective. She
knows how to get things done and she will hit the ground running on her first day in office.
In contrast to other presidential candidates, she recognizes that our national challenges require
bold and realistic solutions to better the lives of working men and women, and to improve
our economy and our competitiveness.